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i don't care if it's not winter, i want these:

and these:

Hand in hand, side by side
Standing, armed with love and strength
Holding on, tackling this. Together
Hearts pounding in chests
Being pulled apart, hands gripping tighter
Trying hard; never letting go
Tears dripping from cheeks
Grabbing arms, wrapping into a tight embrace
This change trying to tear bonds
Hand to chest, speaking "Forever with you."
Forced in opposite directions
As if bonded by glue, walking away, her heart left with him.
He stares into her eyes
She wonders if he can see the incessant fire burning inside her; the fire of love
Pulling him close, whispering "I love you.", into his ear
Holding him tight, she shuts her eyes feeling peaceful
Their love? No match for 1,220 miles, it was too strong
One never-ending world...
She'd run away with him
Stepping back, linking hands, she realizes she's the luckiest girl in the world
The perfect boy looking back at her, lovingly, was all hers
He wasn't temporary, he was there to stay and she knew it
Apart? Two lost hearts.
Together? One perfect match.

Stepping outside, glancing at one another, she says
"It's just me and you against the world, baby."

God, he's so amazing. All those sappy adjectives would describe it.
3 months and going strong. This distance can't separate us.
He's my world. I'm not too young to be in love.
I never want to leave him, or him to leave me
This is the happiest I've ever been.<3

-Thank you.

I could never explain what you've done for me.
I love you so much. Don't ever leave me.
And I'll always be here for you.<3
I'm going to pretend that this is like going in for three minutes to get stuff you need to survive. And I'm going to use the Publix near mah house as the supermarket.

1. Backpack/grocery bags (to put stuff in)
3. Tampons.
4. Cream cheese/spreadable butter/peanut butter.
5. Orange juice.
6. Blank notebooks/Pens/Crayons.
7. Towels.
8. Soap.
10. Fruit.
11. WATER.
12. Hair brush.
13. Cans of vegetables.

I imagine I couldn't get ALL of that in three minutes, but I would try
i want these for xmas:

but i haven't been on good behavior bahahaww
add if you want.. ill mostly be using this site as a wish list for things i like